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Professional Liability Insurance with E&O

Nearly every type of business carries some risk from errors and omissions. These liabilities come from mistakes or omitted information and can effect business such as attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, etc. At Cooper & Allison, we examine the individual needs of your business and identify the areas at risk.

Isn't General Liability Enough?

General liability insurance policies typically only cover bodily injury and property damage claims, leaving those whose businesses operate in an advisory or consulting capacity lacking very necessary coverage against errors and omission. Because general liability policies rarely include provisions for professional indemnity, professionals may find themselves held solely responsible for financial restitution awarded for inadvertent misrepresentation or violations of good faith. A Professional Liability Insurance Policy that is tailored to include all of the supplemental coverage required to bear the financial burden of defending against litigation and potential judgments.

General Liability insurance typically only covers property damange or injury, leaving errors and omissions at risk. Because of this, individuals may find themselves responsible financially for any errors made. A good professional liability policy will protect you against financially defending litigation and/or any judgments that arise from errors and omissions.