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While nobody can prevent disasters from happening, homeowners insurance can provide the peace of mind for your home itself, and your belongings in it. At Cooper & Allison, we offer insurance programs designed to cover both damage to your property and your liability for any injuries and property damage.

With deductables ranging over a broad scope of prices, we offer home insurance plans for all values and types of homes at competitive pricing.

These are some of the types of losses for which your personal property is covered:
  • - Theft
  • - Vandalism
  • - Smoke, if sudden and accidental
  • - Sudden and accidental discharge of water or steam from plumbing, heating, or air-conditioning system, or household appliance
  • - Fire or lightning
  • - Windstorm or hail
  • - Loss of use

Flood Insurance

Just because your home isn’t located in a coastal region, near a river or on a flood plain, doesn’t mean you don’t need flood insurance. In fact, more than half of all flood claims occur in areas considered to have low flood exposure. Most homeowners policies do not cover flood damage. Protect yourself from costly repairs. Our flood protection provides coverage for the following damages:

  • -Structural elements, including walls, floors, equipment and fixtures
  • -Contents such as furniture, appliances, carpeting, and wall and floor coverings
  • -Personal items such as clothing, audio equipment and televisions

Renters Insurance

Even though you don't own your own home you have personal property that can be lost to fires, burglaries and even lawsuits.

While most homeowners are insured for these risks, many renters are not. No one requires renters to buy insurance to protect their personal property, so many do not.

If you rent a home or a mobile home, you need special protection. Our plans can cover you from almost any kind of hazard. You can be protected against damage to the home or adjacent structures and your contents as well.