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OCIP and Construction Insurance

Commonly refered to as "Wrap Up" insurance, Owner Controlled Insurance Programs help manage the risks of large contstruction projects. Instead of contractors carrying their own General Liability Insurance, Workers Comp, etc, a project owner provides one policy that covers the entire project.

These programs can not only help save on premiums, but can also help offer a wider array of coverage, leaving less risk and in most cases higher coverages than most contractors would carry.

Contractors and Subcontractors

Ranging from Large Commercial Construction companies to Electricians, Drywallers, etc, Cooper & Allison works with each of our clients to find an insurance package to fit their specific needs within the realm of how their business operates.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

During construction, partially completed buildings, whether residential or commercial, require what is called Builder's Risk Insurance. These policies cover the building throughout construction while it is not yet covered by Homeowner's or Property Owner's Policies. At Cooper & Allison, we work closely with our clients to find a Builder's Risk Policy that covers their needs.