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Property Insurance covers the risk of property loss in a variety of commercial situations, including commercial buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventories, business records, supplies and other physical items and is a necessity for any business operating out of a building. Protecting against significant loss, commercial property insurance allows a business to return to normal operation as quickly as possible in the event of property loss.

Commercial Building Insurance

The building a business owns or operates from can typically be one of it's largest assets. Whether it is a large firm or a local store, insuring against damage and loss is essential for risk management.

Commercial Equipment & Inventory Insurance

Along with the physical building, commercial property insurance can help cover any equipment, inventory, and supplies that a business owns and uses for operation. We'll work with your team to identify these assets and ensure they are covered by your policies, making sure no items are left at risk.

Business Property Insurance for Renters and Lessees

Not every business owns the building they operate from. However, that does not negate the need for business property insurance. The equipment, leasehold improvements and supplies which the business has invested in will not be covered by the property owner’s insurance. A business needs to protect against potential loss in these situations as well.